Q : What is a Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator?

A :  It is the machine omitted positive and negative ion in the large amount. The large amount can destroy the airborne germs and bad odor quickly

Q : What are Plasmacluster Ions?

A :  They are positive and negative ions which reform to be active hydroxyl (unstable). The active hydroxyl can rob H-atom from outer surface of germs or bad odour molecule

Q : How are Plasmacluster Ions generated?

A :  The ion generator will break down the water molecule in the air. The positive and negative ions will be blown by wind of the machine

Q : How does using the products in a every day environment compare to the test results you have?

A :  In the test results of lab scale, Plasmacluster can be used as the risk reduction of airborne germs and bad odor. They can be used to create the good air quality in the residential area including office , factory , hospital , clinic.

Q : We've heard of Plasmacluster technology before - what's different?

A :  New Plasmacluster update is to have more amount omitted. The HD plasmacluster is about 25,000 ion/cm.3 which be higher than in the past (7,000 ions/cm.3). The fast action can be expected for shortened time

Q : Is PCI technology affective against the new influenza (the swine flu) virus?

A :  Plasmacluster was proven the test against New influenza type A H1N1 with effectiveness in laboratory. It was proven to kill various viruses such as SARS , Influenza virus, Coxakie virus

Q : Is it possible to prevent infection from flu's and viruses using the Plasmacluster Generators?

A :  From the lab test, Plasmacluster can destroy various viruses so it can reduce the risk of airborne germ contamination

Q : What about effectiveness against any new viruses?

A :  Plasmacluster can work with the basic mechanism of airborne germs. However Sharp will update new test study when they are available

Q : Is there any adverse effects on humans when using PCI?

A :  The Plasmacluster ions cope from natural ion concept in the good environment so it’s safe. Sharp conducted safety test in animals by applying the very high ion concentration and no adverse effects

Q : What is the infection route of Influenza? Does it spread through the air?

A :  The influenza virus can spread by the air in terms of free virus or droplet forms. The patients will be carrier which spread through the air where they go.

Q : Does this mean PCI is not effective against all routes o f infection?

A :  The Plasmacluster has not effect when the infection occurs in human body.

Q : Why did you conduct tests in a small 1m3 box?

A :  In standard testing, they must control variable factor in order to ensure the accuracy of results.

Q : What room sizes are the products effective in.

A :  The plasmacluster ion will be in the air about 5 seconds so the coverage area will be upon how far they can be flown within 5 seconds. The machine will have recommendation of area space in various models

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