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History of firsts

  • Sharp's founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, establishes a metal works in Tokyo.

    Tokuji Hayakawa starts out on his own with the Tokubijo Snap Buckle that could be adjusted in length without the need for fastening holes.

  • Tokuji Hayakawa invents the Ever-Sharp Pencil. The Sharp corporate name and trademark are derived from the Ever-Sharp Pencil.

  • Assembly and marketing of Japan's first crystal radio sets. Radio broadcasting begins in Japan.

  • Production of the first Sharp Dyne AC-powered vacuum-tube radio sets.

  • Japan's first mass production of TV sets to coincide with Japan’s first TV broadcasts.

  • Japan's first mass production of microwave ovens.

  • Japan's first mass production of solar cells.

  • Introduction of the world's first all-transistor desktop calculator.

  • Introduction of Japan's first microwave oven with a turntable.

  • Introduction of the world's first electronic calculator incorporating LSIs.

  • Three-door refrigerator with separate vegetable compartment

    Development of the world's first electronic calculator incorporating an LCD.

  • The first TV in the industry allowing viewers to watch 2 programs at once on the same screen

  • Microwave oven equipped with cooking sensor

  • The world's first product merging the personal computer and the TV

  • Electronic organizer with various functions

  • The world's first 14-inch color TFT LCD

  • 100-inch LCD video projector

    Dual-swing door refrigerator

  • The world's first thinnest home-use facsimile

  • Wall-mount, 8.6-inch LCD TV

  • The world's first LCD Viewcam

    Fully automatic washing machine with a water-saving hole-less tube

  • The smallest and lightest portable MD (MiniDisc) player

    Zaurus Personal Information combined all the necessary business feature

  • Super Mobile LCD eliminated the need for the backlight

  • The world's first 1-Bit Amplifier

  • Industry's first Camera-Equipped mobile phone

    Air Purifier using Plasmacluster Ion Technology for eliminating airborne bacteria, mold and viruses

  • Super Heated Steam Oven giving delicious food with good nutrition

  • The biggest 65-Inch Digital Full-HD LCD TV

  • AQUOS Phone

  • The world's first 108-inch LCD monitior

    AQUOS LCD TV with built-in Blu-ray disc recorder

  • LED Lamp which can be adjustable color and brightness via remote controller

  • Multi-Screen Display System

    AQUOS Quattron 3D TV

    GALAPAGOS Media Tablet

    LED Ceiling Lights

  • Freestyle AQUOS

    Interactive Whiteboard

  • Sakura-Colored LED light, users are likely to fall asleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed

    Robotic Cleaning Appliance equipped with Plasmacluster technology

    Unique Rice cooker minimizes inconsistencies in rice rinsing and rice cooking under the Biomimetic concept giving full, fluffy and delicious rice.

    The first smartphone in the industry to be equipped with the next-generation IGZO display

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