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Site Policy

Terms of Use

Welcome to (hereinafter referred to as “the web site”). This web site is operated by Sharp Thai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”). It is developed to offer information about the products and the after-sales service under the “Sharp” trademark. Our terms and conditions of service are as follows:

Service conditions

   Please read and accept the conditions for the use of this web site. If you do not find them agreeable, please stop using our web site.

Copyright and trademark

   All messages, images, audios, videos, software and other items (hereinafter referred to as “contents”) on this web site are protected by copyright laws. Owned by Sharp Thai Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, they are produced for the purpose of personal use inside of household or other limited purposes.


   The company reserves the right of a guarantee on correctness, credibility or safety of the contents appearing on this web site. We are not liable for loss or damage arising from any cause which results from the inability to access the web site or its contents.

Alteration of contents

   The company may alter the policies, the contents, the URLs or any part of this web site without prior notice. We reserve the right of the liability for damages arising from such alteration of contents.

Links to external web sites

   This web site may contain links to web sites not operated by Sharp Thai. Any such third party web site is beyond the control of the company. Therefore, the company reserves the right of liability for any consequences of the access to such web sites.

Privacy Policy

Sharp Thai is respectful of your privacy and strives to protect, to the best of our abilities, your private information. This practice is consistent with applicable laws.

Nature of personal information

   Private information is the information keyed in directly via our web site such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail. It includes data generated by computer processing such as IP address, cookies, GPS coordinates, A-GPS coordinates and device information. This information is used for the convenience of the users and for statistical purposes, for marketing analysis, and, for the improvement of this web site. Private information may be disclosed to third parties, unless a written request is submitted by an agency with legal authority only.

Use of cookies

   Cookies are small message files placed in your computer or device by the web site you visit. It records only the necessary information which is beneficial to the next visit to the web site. It allows us to improve our web site in the future as well. If you do not wish to allow the use of cookies, you can disable it from within your web browser. Please note as well that doing so may affect your use of this web site.

Use of positioning information

   This web site retrieves your GPS or A-GPS positioning information from your mobile phone or from a nearby Wi-Fi connection spot. It does so to facilitate your use of this web site only.

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