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  • 0.5°C Setting0.5°C Setting
  • 100Hz/120Hz Fine Motion AdvancedThe full-HD panel uses a newly developed 100Hz/120Hz Fine Motion Advanced technology that recreates images with twice the number of frames as conventional systems, resulting in a high response speed
  • 12-Hour ON/OFF Timer12-Hour ON/OFF Timer
  • 130 V Operation130 V Operation
  • 15-Step Control15-Step Control
  • 1-Hour OFF TimerWhen the ONE-HOUR OFF TIMER is set, the unit will automatically turn off after one hour.
  • 24P Cinema InputThe 24P format is the native rate used for movie source material shot at 24 frames per second. With 24P material input from a Blu-ray Player, the AQUOS can produce the unaltered cinema image just as i
  • 3 Settings PositionsColours can be easily adjusted while viewing the screen.
  • 4-Way Auto Air Swing4-Way Auto Air Swing

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